“This well-written guide with the views of a young woman searching for that one most important relationship in all of life includes supportive comments by her spouse. A book that could make a lifetime difference.” – The Catholic Press Association gave How to Get to ‘I Do’ an award in the First-Time Author category

“I am thoroughly enjoying ‘I Do.’ Your prose is clear and penetrating, and the publisher did an excellent job in presentation! You seriously have an amazing voice and a lot of important, good things to share Amy.” – Tyler Blanski, author of Mud & Poetry

“The book that young Catholic women have been waiting for! As fun as it is informative.–Jennifer Fulwiler, founder of the Conversion Diary Blog

How to Get to ‘I Do’ is a treasure of sensible advice.” – Nancy Piccione, The Catholic Post

“I cannot recommend How to Get to ‘I Do’ highly enough.  One could liken Bonaccorso to a dear friend who is a seasoned shopper.”- Genevieve Kineke, The Catholic Exchange, The Rhode Island Catholic, The Fall River Anchor

How to Get to ‘I Do’ is very good, very practical, much needed.” – Mike Aquilina, Author of Roots of the Faith – From the Church Fathers to You

How to Get to ‘I Do’ appeared as a Daily Book Pick on Jim Agnew’s websiteOctober 19, 2010.

“I’ve read (and reviewed) other books dealing with the same subject but I felt like this book was the only one that was realistic in how relationships truly are. Others tend to romanticize relationships….  Amy acknowledges that we are human and that we do make mistakes and she works with us instead of preaching. If I had to summarize this book in a nutshell I’d call it advice you’d get from an older sister who wants the best for you… without being preachy. I would definitely recommend this book for single women AND men (and I was mentally making a list of which guy friends I’ll personally speak to about this book) of all ages.” – Emmy Cecelia, Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer Blog

“The best part of the book is its tone of empowerment. Bonaccorso encourages single Catholic women to live their best lives…. The book is a fast read—I finished in about two hours—and her tone is frank, yet still personable. You can consider this book Modestia approved! “- Rebecca, Modestia Blog

“When I present to you this “dating guide for Catholic women” you know it must be unusual. Unusually good. Please believe me when I say that I wish I had enough cash to buy a copy for every single Catholic woman I know and give it to them.” – Julie Davis, The Happy Catholic Blog


7 Tips for Dating an Introvert
This article cites my advice about introverts and the dating scene…and this one is from personal experience, trust me!
[, September 24, 2013]

Four Fears That Keep Singles From Settling Down
I was interviewed for this article about the many reasons why singles have a hard time settling down.
[, Summer 2013]

Practical Tips for Getting to ‘I Do’
This is a nice write-up from Arlington Diocese, where I came into the Church.  Although – I do not like checklists (must be a misquote!)
[Arlington Herald, September 6, 2011]

Writing Home – Writer Profile – Amy Bonaccorso
Beth Blevins interviewed me for her blog, Writing Home.
[Writing Home, March 18, 2011]

Praying for a Husband – A Single Catholic Gal’s Guide to ‘I Do’
Kathyrn Jean Lopez interviewed me for National Catholic Register.
[National Catholic Register, March 4, 2011]

Part 2

Marriage Guide Helps Women Get to ‘I Do’
This is a feature that appeared in a local DC-area paper.  Check out my green office!
[Laurel Leader, February 9, 2011]

On Finding a Husband: A Conversation with Amy Bonaccorso
This feature interview with Margaret Cabaniss got a lot of comments!
[Inside Catholic, December 31, 2010]

Catholic Moments with Lisa Hendey
Episode #161 – How to Get to “I Do” Can Be Heard Here
[Catholic Moments, Recorded October 12, 2010, Released October 30, 2010]

‘Dating Guide for Catholic Women’ draws on local Catholic’s experiences
A Q&A.
[Catholic Standard, Week of October 18, 2010]

Interview With the Catholic Post
A Q&A.
[Catholic Post Book Group, October 9, 2010]

Q&A: To Get to ‘I Do,’ Here’s What You Do
Exclusive Q&A with, the largest Catholic dating site
[ Ries, September 7, 2010]

Follow-Ons: Book Excerpt #1 [September 10, 2010]

Book Excerpt #2 [September 18, 2010]

Interview: Catholic Singles Aim to Grow in Faith, Fall in Love
Meg McDonnell included quotes from an interview with me in her story.
[Family Foundations, May/June 2010]

Interview: Singled Out
Kathleen Basi included quotes from an interview with me in her cover story.
[Tobias Magazine, Spring 2010]

Book Reviews

Review from the Happy Catholic Blog
This is a great review and I’m flattered by it!
[ The Happy Catholic, April 28, 2011]

Catholic Dating Just Got Easier
Sherri Rosen and Tyler Blanski wrote this about my book.
[ The Gatekeepers Post, April 1, 2011]

Notes from a Catholic: Dates Don’t Bite
Sherri Rosen wrote up this cute post, inspired by my book.
[ The Gatekeepers Post, March 1, 2011]

Book Review – How to Get to ‘I Do’ – A Dating Guide for Catholic Women
Emmy Cecila wrote one of my favorite reviews of my book yet.
[Journey of a Catholic Nerd Writer Blog, January 19 2011]

Lessons in love: Author advises Catholic women in faith-filled dating
Genevieve Kineke cannot recommend How to Get to ‘I Do’ highly enough.
[Rhode Island Catholic & Fall River Anchor, October 2010]

Book Review: The Catholic Post
Nancy Piccione says How to Get to ‘I Do’ is a treasure of sensible advice.
[The Catholic Post Book Group, October 2, 2010]

Book Review: Finding a Good Catholic Man to Marry
Patricia and William Mary married for 52 years, think How to Get to ‘I Do’ can help women find a good man to marry.  Dr. William May was Michael J. McGivney Professor of Moral Theology at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family from 1991 until he retired as emeritus professor in 2008.
[The Catholic Exchange, November 17, 2010]

Book Review: From Modestia
How to Get to ‘I Do’ is “Modestia approved”!  This book review is an entertaining read.
[Modestia, November 24, 2010]

My Articles

Social Media Fasts: Making Room for Blessings
Social media fasts can make room for blessings.
[, July 3, 2014,, July 7, 2014]

Five Reasons I’m Giving Up Facebook for Lent
If you feel called to give up social media this
[, Mar. 4, 2014,, March 1, 2014]

Baby Modeling in the Big Apple
My story about baby modeling with my dear son!
[, Jan. 1, 2014,, February 28, 2014]

Obscure Medieval Saint Still Grants Baby Requests
This is the story behind my miracle baby. I am convinced that an obscure Medieval saint. St. Leopold of Austria, helped me conceive my child.
[, Oct. 28, 2013, Catholic Lane, Nov. 1, 2013]

Modern Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, and Catholicism
I had my first child in April 2013 and wrote this piece to describe my experience with hypnopbirthing, or the Mongan Method. As a natural birth advocate, I benefited from this method, but also realized that I could have dealt with the pain even better if I had dipped into my reservoir of Catholic treasures more.
[Catholic Lane, June 8, 2013,, July 22,2013]

5 Reasons to Get Online Today
If you’ve read my work or heard me on TV or radio, you know how important I think online dating is. Here, I explain some top reasons why it is so promising.
[, Apr. 15, 2013]

Symposium Paper: A New Door of Faith: Catholic Identity, Evangelization, and Renewal Through Social Media
The Year of Faith challenges Catholics to stand behind their beliefs more boldly and communicate them more effectively. I presented this paper at a symposium to explore how Catholics can 1) strengthen their faith identity 2) evangelize, and 3) pursue renewal efforts. An abstract is below.
[Seat of Wisdom: A Theological and Pastoral Journal. Seminary of the Immaculate Conception, ISSUE 6, WINTER 2013]


In this Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI in Porta Fidei the new forms of communication in the digital world must be utilized for the New Evangelization. This paper explores the impact that new forms of social media have upon Catholic identity and efforts of evangelization. It critically examines the ways the internet and social media can threaten and weaken Catholic identity, and also suggests guidelines and provides examples for how these tools may also be effectively leveraged by committed Catholics to strengthen the faith of others and supplement their ties to the local Church. Conversions to the faith have already occurred with the assistance of digital forms of communication, and thus social media have the potential to contributing to the New Evangelization and the renewal of the Church.

Working Women: Secular Jobs as Inconveniences or Callings?
The day finally came for me to pack up the majority of my work suits. With baby on the way, I thought I’d just see my government career as an inconvenience, but I got it wrong!
[Catholic Lane, Mar. 25, 2013,, Mar. 26, 2013]

Top Five Obstacles to Getting to ‘I Do’
My Valentine’s Day wisdom from years as a mentor and coach, designed to help you get unstuck!
[Catholic Lane, Feb. 13, 2013,, Feb. 13, 2013]

4 Steps to Reclaim Your Power in the New Year
Feel drained and let down by 2012? Learn how to reclaim your power for 2013!
[Catholic Lane, Jan. 28 2013,, Jan 28, 2013]

Coming Back After Breaking Up
Find out how to get back to joyful living after the end of a relationship. In this article, I offer 11 tips that blend life coaching principles with traditional Catholic spirituality.
[Catholic Digest (print edition), October 2012]

Expert Panel: Regaining Confidence After Breakups
I am one of the life coach/author experts who was interviewed for this article.
[, July 23, 2012]

Miracles: Healing for a Broken World Affirms Charisms
Fr. Stefan’s book describes his experiences with charisms and how he has used them to build up the Church.
[, May 27, 2012, Catholic Lane, May 29, 2012]

When Women Need the Pill
Yes, I can tell you with certitude that some women need the Pill for medical reasons because I have been there.  This article caused quite a ruckus on Catholic Lane and I thank the editors for being gutsy enough to post it.
[Catholic Lane, March 20, 2012]

Top Five Dating Tips for Guys
This Valentine’s Day, I decided to break with my tradition of staying in the girl’s lane.  Here’s some tips for guys.
[Catholic Lane, February 13, 2012,, February 13, 2012, The Catholic Exchange, TBD]

Do You Have Access to Both Forms of the Mass?
This is about the Pope’s push to provide access to both ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Mass, and spotlights priests who are doing just that.
[Catholic Lane, February 2, 2012,, February 19, 2012, The Catholic Exchange, TBD]

Do You Reject Dates Based on Family Background?
Do you judge people by stats only and forget about free will?
[Catholic Lane, January 7, 2012,, January 20, 2012, The Catholic Exchange, TBD]

You Don’t Move to D.C. to Get Married?
My commentary on a Washington Post article that said people don’t move to D.C. to get married.  Well, I’ve been here for generations and disagree.
[Catholic Lane, December 19, 2011,, January 10, 2012]

Canons Offer New Way of Life for American Priests
If you support the priesthood, but think it needs reform and renewal, check out this two-part interview with the Canons.  They combine community life with diocesan work.
[Catholic Lane – Part One, September 1, 2011, Catholic Lane – Part Two, September 2, 2011, – Part One, September 9, 2011, – Part Two, September 16, 2011, Catholic Exchange (The Best of Both Vocations), Part One, September 15, 2011, Catholic Exchange, Part Two, September 16, 2011]

Why Women Need Backup Plans
Be prepared for worst case scenarios. For all of the negatives we face in society these days, we have more opportunities than ever to build strong safety nets.
[Catholic Lane, August 16, 2011,, August 15, 2011, Catholic Exchange, August 24, 2011]

Book Review: Mud and Poetry
If you’re a Christian single and looking for something new to read, try this book.

How to Handle a BreakUp
Breakups hurt – and this article offers some tips on how to get through it.
[Catholic Exchange, July 22, 2011, and Catholic Lane, July 14, 2011]

Featured Article – Two Helpful Words for Marriage Seekers: Openness and Focus
Openness and focus will help you overcome ruts in your love life.
[Catholic Lane, June 11, 2011, and Catholic Exchange, June 24, 2011]

Three, Two, One… You’re On!  How Voice Lessons Helped a Writer do Talk Radio
Learn how I prepped for my radio tour.
[Catholic Lane, April 5, 2011]

Breakfast with the Pope
Susan Vigilante just released a book, Breakfast with the Pope. I think it’s a great read and tell you why in this book review.
[Catholic Lane, February 28, 2011, and Catholic Exchange, March 12, 2011]

Burst: A Beautifully Written Catholic Memoir
Kevin Wells just released Burst Check out my book review!
[Catholic Lane, February 24, 2011, and Catholic Exchange, February 21, 2011]

Courtship vs. Dating: Why Dating is More Likely to Get You Married
If you really feel called to marriage and want to seal the deal with someone special, your best bet is to learn how to date.  Read this article to learn why I am not a fan of the courtship fad. 
[The Catholic Exchange, February 14, 2011]

5 Habits That Attract Love
My Valentine’s Day article to help you find love. 
[ Blog, Faith, Hope, and Love, January 25, 2011]

From Proposal to Marriage: The Road to Publishing and ‘I Do’
A blog post I wrote for the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Md. Their blog is First Person Plural.
[First Person Plural, January 19, 2011]

How the Holy Spirit is Working Through My New Book
A blog post I wrote for the Blog, Faith, Hope, and Love
[ Blog, Faith, Hope and Love, January 6, 2011]

4 Steps to Improving the Outward You
Reprint of a blog post.
[The Catholic Exchange, December 29, 2010]

Pursue Relationships with Gusto
Reprint of blog post.
[The Catholic Exchange, November 29, 2010]

Is Religion Important in Relationships?
Reprint of blog post.
[The Catholic Exchange, November 22, 2010]

Two Mollys
How two women named Molly taught me more than the bestselling Christian dating books…
[Canticle Magazine, March/April 2010 issue]

Pro-Life Protests Alone Don’t Work
Why we need to leverage relationships to get results.
[, June 6, 2009]

Waiting For “the One” To Find You?
Some spiritually based advice tells singles to wait for their spouse to find them.  Does that work?
[, December 28, 2008, Re-posted on]

What Does it Mean to Grow Outside Yourself?
To find a spouse, you may need to grow outside yourself.
[, February 21, 2009, Reprinted: Tobias Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009, Reposted on]

The Skinny on Online Dating
Online dating from a girl’s perspective…
[, February 22, 2009, Reposted on]

A Heart of Gold
Will he/she be there in sickness and in health?
[, April 25, 2009]

Outside the Box Tips to Finding a Catholic Husband
Some of my lessons learned…
[Canticle Magazine, January 2009]

Christmas Deployments – Giving from the Heart
[Canticle Magazine, Nov-Dec 2008 issue]

Catholic Singles Feel Angst – Keeping Faith in Dating
A detailed look at the DC Catholic dating scene, featuring interviews with local singles…
[The Washington Times, November 20, 2008]

What’s Your Problem?
Learn how hard it is for a Fed to publish!
[Washington City Paper, September 24, 2008]

Interview: Federal News Radio
Hear me talk about My Life as a Government Gypsy on my first radio interview
[Federal News Radio, November 2008]

Read about my love for theater and the silver screen
[The Carousel – The Flagship Publication of the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Md, Fall 2009]

Relationship Bears Fruit
I talk about how relationships spur conversions
[Our Sunday Visitor, April 12, 2009]

Behind the Bar: Jessica Lary at Mango Mike’s
An interview with a local bartender
[On Tap Magazine, September 2008]

It Happened Here: U Street Corridor
(scroll to find it on the list, and note that the subtitle on the website is incorrect for this piece)
[American Independent Writers]

It Happened Here: Writing Inspirations in DC – Chinatown
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[American Independent Writers]

It Happened Here: Inspiration in Georgetown – An Excursion to Overcome Writer’s Block
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[American Independent Writers]

Q&A with Ellen Ryan, Managing Editor of Washingtonian (scroll to “Ellen Ryan” on the list)

[American Independent Writers]